Our Core Values

We, as an organization and as a collective have a set of values which we strictly adhere to and is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Core Values

Customer is GOD

Our customers are at the core of everything we do here at Timecampus. Be it small, medium, large - it does not matter.

Everone who uses our product is our customer and our company's direction, roadmap, innovations and every action that we do is dependent on what they might need/want and how they use the product.

We take every feedback and suggestion very very seriously and act on them as much as we can, maintain trust, be transparent, and try our best to make sure that we keep them satisfied and happy as much as possible.

TRUST is Everything

We strive to work hard everyday to make sure that our customers can put their complete trust on us and we never ever intend to break that trust and put our relationship to jeopardy.

We never ever sell your life to others and we make sure that we let you know everything we do with the data we collect from you and give you the complete control of your data, your life all to yourself.

The product is designed keeping TRUST at its core and we will never ever try to do any action which breaks your trust in us.

Unity in Diversity

Race, Gender, Colour, Religion and any of your ethnic background does not matter to us (be it a customer, an employee a partner or anyone else).

Everyone is treated the same and with respect. We truly believe that ideas, innovations, talent and skill can come from anywhere and we try to keep our workforce as diverse and united as possible to ensure that we work together to reach our greatest heights.

Even the product is to be always built keeping the diverse set of customers in mind and making sure that it is always accessible to them.

Just DO IT

There might be opinions, confusions, contradictions and all the bias around. But, nothing gets clear unless you actually do what you want to and have to do.

Talk less, Listen more, DO more. If you truly believe in your guts that you have to do something, just go ahead and do it. Innovation is our lifeline.

But, do take everyone's opinions beforehand so that you make the least mistakes as possible.

Don't be afraid to fail - everyone does.

Transparency in Everything

We have nothing to hide. We must stay as transparent as possible with our customers, partners and employees and make sure that they have all the information that they are looking for, of course without jeopardizing the privacy and security of anyone.

Everyone has the right to information and we challenge everyone to make their best use of it.

Be true and transparent to yourself and everyone around you and it will always help you out, even in difficult times. There is nothing to gain from hiding something from someone.

Employees are not Slaves

Every employee is a complete living organism with their own mind, background, skills, talent, aim, expectations and everyone has their own story.

So, you dare not treat them as slaves at any point in time. They don't work for you, but they work with you on a common goal and vision, bringing it to life.

Give everyone the respect that they deserve and that is when you will get it back.

Time is NOT Money

Time is invaluable and cannot be ever compared with money or any other asset for that matter. This is something to remember in everything we do.

We must try to save as much time as possible in everything we do, and money will automatically be saved as a consequence.

Build leaders, not workers

We are not trying to breed cattle here. We strive to build great leaders who have a mind of their own, have the ability to take decisions of their own and can work on their own without being spoon-fed. Our hiring must reflect the same.

We should never tutor our employees, but guide them so that they can tutor themselves.

Never be satisfied, the world never stops for you

If you achieve something, and be satisfied with what you have done, you are never going to improve.

You can be happy, take motivations and inspirations from your success, but you should never take it to your head. See what can be done better, what has gone wrong, the feedbacks you get, the market, the competition, and constantly try to improve and always demand excellence. The world never stops for you!

Be socially responsible

Give more and you will get more. If you are walking up the ladder, take everyone along with you.

Try to be socially responsible and help others as much as possible.